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How it Works
One of the lesser known money-makers uses an idea called Pay-Per-Click Websites (or, more simply, PPC sites). A PPC site is a search engine, much like Google or Yahoo!, which rank websites based on the search terms you enter. Using a membership subscription process, you can be paid for using them. The idea behind these websites is to promote their search engine to potential advertisers, so that they can make money. Because of the prevalence of Google, Yahoo!, and, the lesser known sites have to offer incentives to people who use their service so that they can compete. Their method is to pay users, often at about one-thousandth of a cent per click, to browse on their site, eventually paying the customer when their balance reaches between $5 and $50, depending on the site. As I’m sure you can imagine, this takes a long time to build up, but once you automate your clicking, you can eventually work up a large sum of money and get a pretty big check. It can take awhile, but can be worth it if you spend a lot of time on the net already.

Getting Started
Here is the site to sign up: Click Here

Simply sign up for a new account. When the site asks for your company, simply put your full name. For your tax ID, put 'n/a' and for your website, put ''. Sign up for any account name you please.
The next step is to download and install an automatic clicker. The only approved choice by PPC appraisal is the Ougo browser, and fortunately, it happens to be one of the better ones out there. You can download that by clicking here.
If you don’t have a Paypal account, getting paid is going to be a tremendous hassle. Currency exchanges for those who live outside the US, or waiting five weeks for a check are not particularly thrilling options, and it seems best to simply take the loss of money from Paypal.
Now you need to do some initial setup. You only need to do this next part once.
After you log in to PPC Appraisal's website, you need to click on the requests tab. Check the following boxes: Baltimore, Braintopia, Campaign, Cialto Art, Cockta, Cymicon, Joymars, portal, kili gaga, and PPC Search engine. Do not select any others, or else it will take you years to get a check. Click the request bottom at the bottom of this page to continue.
Once you've made your requests, go to the "Menu" tab and find "Your link to rotation script for portals." Highlight the link inside this box, and press CTRL+C to copy. Now it's time to set up the browser. Install the Ougo Browser you downloaded earlier and go to the “Surf” Menu, then click on Setup. Under Set1, paste (CTRL+V) the link into the panel on the right.
Starting up
To start the process, you need to start up the Ougo Browser whenever you go online. To start auto-surfing, and of course, making money, you simply go to “Surf” then “Start Surf” then “OK” when a pop up starts. You'll quickly see two windows pop up. This is fine, but to maximize your options, go to “Tools -> Developers ->Analyst -> Six” to open six windows, and triple your browsing powers. Now let the money roll in.
To get paid, you need to simply wait until you have enough credits with these websites. To check your current status, go to the PPC Appraisal website and sign in.
Making the real money
Now, just autoclicking alone will not get you the most bang for your buck. It could take you months to earn enough for a single check, but you’d be losing a portion of that money on electricity the whole time. You need to take you clicking business to the next step, or don’t bother.
The way you do this is simple. You get referrals. You’ll need a lot of them to make it work, but if you get one or two really intrepid adventurers, you can get up to $4 or $5 a day with minimal effort. You earn 5% of what each of your referrals makes by clicking, and 5% of their referrals down to the fourth level (i.e. you -> your referral -> their referral -> their referral). It can add up nicely if you do it right. Currently, I’m making about $3 a day with all four referral levels running. Write up your own tutorial on Auto Surfing (or do a copy/paste of mine, but be considerate and link back to my site), and post it in your blog, or on message boards, changing out my referral buttons and addresses with yours, and there’s some money to be made here. Keep clicking yourself so that you receive checks, otherwise that referral money will simply sit in your account.
You can also sell something similar to this document on eBay or other Auction sites (speaking of which, here is the link to a large number of my documents you can sell online for profit), as people are always looking to get some more income streams. It's not hard work to do this, it just takes some time, but once you get yourself established, all you need to do is request money once every couple of months or so from each of your PPC sites.
Other Things to Consider
One option you probably want to turn on in Ougo is to send the browser to the tray when you click the minimize button. To do this, click Tools -> Ougo Browser Options -> Tray Options -> Enable Tray Icon ->Minimize to Tray. Now when you click the minimize button, it will not appear next to the other programs you're using, but rather disappear down by the clock on the right-hand side of the screen. It will continue running, but you just won't be able to see it.
PPC Appraisal has established a clicking limit on each of it's users, which is currently set at 1500 clicks per day, per IP address. It takes between 4 and 5 hours a day to achieve this. It is against policy for you to use false or anonymous proxy addresses to continue clicking, but nothing says you can't change your IP address another way (For those with DSL, try unplugging your modem from the wall, waiting 5 minutes, and then replugging it). If you have multiple computers, you can certainly use both to click for your account, just not at the same time (against PPC Appraisal policy).

Is this a scam?
Are there any dangers to doing this? No. It's completely legal, spyware free, and does very, very little to slow down your PC while it is running.
You should also know that a document has been going around the internet for a while now, very similar to this one, advertising the same site, though promising a lot larger gains in money than are possible, and giving out bad advice on how to get started. You'll find a lot of information online about how this is a scam. It is not. I've been paid, multiple times already. I have a theory that this document was created by the owners of the PPC Appraisal website, as it seems to illustrate the exact worst methodologies possible for making money, and recommends that you go against every single rule that is posted on their site. Everything they suggest (requesting all of the sites instead of just the good ones, using proxy IP addresses to increase the number of possible clicks, using a program called Test33 instead of Ougo Browser, etc.) is good for them, but bad for you. Fortunately, I was able to discover a much more effective method, one that actually works.
The trick is to use the method I describe, that is, not clicking on all the possible membership requests. As I stated in that section, this is a sure way to make no money whatsoever, as different sites pay different rates. The sites I've chosen for you to participate in have the best payrates, and thus, you're not wasting any time waiting for the slow sites to give you some money. Only the fast paying ones will be clicked through, increasing the potential money you can be earning while online.
For example, I started off finding out about this method through that bad document, and clicked on request all. By doing this, I earned five cents from the highest pay-rate site in a week's time. I knew something was wrong. So I terminated all of my other requests on the other sites, thus singling out the best site for the next week, and low and behold, I got $3.92 in a week instead. As you can see, this is not the biggest money earner ever. However, I kept my PC auto-clicking for a while longer, and eventually got a $50 Paypal deposit for my troubles. Most of the time, I was using my computer for other purposes while it was clicking away, so I wasn't losing out on anything while it was running.
After publicizing the proper methods to everyone I could, I got plenty of referrals, and made some nice money. I opened up my requirements to all the sites listed above, and now get a bevy of checks every six months or so. Referrals help immensely, of course, but the money is still earnable, and it's not a scam.

Adult Sites
Recently, PPC Appraisal has been promoting a new opportunity where you auto-click through Adult Sites. I've done some research on this, and while it seems to earn you more than just regular sites, it's also far more risky.
The problem with auto-clicking through these adult sites is that most of the sites you're automatically visiting are uploaded by everyday people. The vast majority of them are perfectly normal, but you never know if you might be autoclicking on a child pornography site without even realizing it. If you get caught doing this, you could be implicated in serious crimes that you never consciously committed. You can certainly try if you wish, but know that you're taking a risk.

Getting Paid (revised)
The reason you're doing all of this for credits is simple: a credit is a unit created by the search engines you're participating in by clicking on them. The way you make money is to make a batch request for your credits, and then to sell them on a site like De Quba (click to be directed to their signup page). To sell your credits, use PPC Appraisal's Transfer option to transfer your banked credits away from PPC to your DeQuba Account.
To sell your DeQuba credits, you must become a platinum member - which means it's $36 for a year-long membership, and you won't make any sales in the first 60 days. I suggest banking your credits on PPC Appraisal, then after you've requested some, sign up for the Platinum Membership. You'll get a bunch of free credits immediately, just leave these as they are. After your 60 day "fraud protection" time is over, you transfer all of your credits from PPC Appraisal, and sell them in the DeQuba Forum (go to "sell your credits"). Find either a one-time sale (recommended), or a monthly sale (only do these if you are positive you can create a high enough balance). You will be paid by these people. Although this option now becomes a paid program, you make roughly $1 per credit, and since the minimum balance for cashing in credits requires you to have 50 or 60, you make your money back, and more, with your first transaction.

This is never going to make you a millionaire, but that's not the point. Participating in these Auto-surfing programs will help you to pay the internet and electricity bills, it just takes a while to get started.
Good luck!
Effort 3/5 – It takes a minimal effort to set up, and a decent amount of effort to get your initial referrals. After that, however, it's clear sailing
Payout 2/5 – It takes a long time to get paid, as earnings are, by necessity, very slow.
Risk 2/5 -After you build up credits, it's $36 to get Platinum membership for a year with DeQuba
Overall 3/5 – If it wasn't so easy, I wouldn't recommend this method at all. However, give it a chance before dismissing it, as getting $200-300 in what amounts to essentially free money every six months has it's advantages.


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